Tuesday, June 9, 2009


~13K Votes for the Taking if DeDe Wants Them
The AP reported today that the “Independence Party pledges to support Democrat in possible race for McHugh's 23rd District seat.”

That was the title. It goes on, “The New York Independence Party is pledging to support a Democrat in the special election for the 23rd Congressional District long held by Republican Rep. John McHugh. Independence Party Chairman Frank MacKay tells The Associated Press his influential party will support Democratic state Sen. Darrel Aubertine if he decides to run for the seat representing northern New York. Aubertine is considering a run if McHugh wins confirmation to become Democratic President Barack Obama's secretary of the Army. The Independence Party was important in Democratic Rep. Scott Murphy's narrow victory in a special election in March for the 20th Congressional District, another GOP-dominated Upstate district.”

First, Aubertine likely won’t run. Even if he does, DeDe is still a better Democratic candidate for multiple reasons described at great length on this blog. What this story sounds like to us is another incredible incentive for DeDe to come our way.

If you math is right that would mean almost 13K votes for DeDe right out of the gate. If she ran as a Democrat she would likely also garner supporting from the Working Family line which is close to another 6K. After being named a “non-starter” by the Conservative Party line which holds 9K votes that has to make her decision that much easier. If she runs as a moderate Republican she will surely lose, especially if a third candidate were to run on the Conservative line.

The Watertown Daily Times and some other local papers have been trolling through our site (presumable to dig up some additional research on an upcoming story). Maybe that is when we will find out that laying out the case online was worth all the trouble. However, it has been no trouble at all. We are here to help and support DeDe to make the right decision. At this point we would like to offer a toast: “To victory this fall with DeDe on the Democratic ticket.”

PS – Our public poll on the left hand column is almost finished so if you haven’t had a chance please let us know whether you think DeDe should run as a Democrat. Results will be posted tomorrow.