Thursday, October 1, 2009

Most Liberal Blog in USA Endorses Scozzafava

A Few Items for Democrats to Cheer About in NY-23

First, the most liberal blog on the Internet, The DailyKos, today endorsed Dede Scozzafava for NY-23.  To our knowledge, it is the first time in the history of DailyKos that they have sided with a candidate with an R at the end of their name.  Kos supported Obama, Pelosi, Reed, and hundreds of other liberal Democrats since its existence.  They also support left of center policy positions such as abortion-on-demand, higher taxes for social programs, gun control, giving more control to the United Nations, increased support for welfare programs, gay marriage, expanding the cap on the federal deficit, etc.   DailyKos writes:
She's been willing to raise taxes when budgets require it, and is to the left of most Democrats on social issues (including supporting gay marriage)... So it's official, I'm rooting for the Republican to win. As a congresswoman, she could either move even more to the left to properly represent her progressive-trending district and be a pain in the side of the GOP caucus (they have nothing like our Blue Dogs), or Democrats can field a real Democrat to challenge her in 2010.
The DCCC is taking notice of the race on a number of important levels.  I think there might be evidence that the DCCC has been e-mailing our last post all over the place... According to our records (see below) e-mail links to our last post have been viewed from around the country (presumably the DCCC has been trying to verify whether the rumors are true that Dede pitched Scott Murphy on switching parties after November 3rd).  There might even be evidence of an e-mail sent from the DCCC to the executive office of the presidency yesterday, as well as the national headquarters of Planned Parenthood, the NY Working Families Party, and a local ACORN office.

Maybe the rumors are true?  We report.  You decide.

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