Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Huffington Post on Rats, Recounts, & Dede Scozzafava

Oh rats! This is going to be a short post. We are just wondering whether or not the Huffington Post thinks that Dede Scozzafava just RAT F****d Doug Hoffman, the Republican Party, and all her loyal supporters with her blessing of Bill Owens today. What say you? Was it worth the 30 pieces of silver at this late stage? We offered her 60 pieces back in June; Dede could have run as a Democrat from the get-go and WON this thing hands down.

In our estimation Dede did not RAT F*** anyone except maybe herself, so says the NYS Assembly leader Brian Kolb.


Is the endorsement too late? We are hearing reports tonight that most of Scozzafava's hardcore Republican and Democratic supporters already voted for her on their absentee ballots, and even with the incredible amount of media being played in NY-23 right now on this race, the fact remains that Dede's name is still on the ballot. So how far does the endorsement really go? And is it too little, too late? We will know the answer to most of these questions on Tuesday night.

Our prediction:

Hoffman: 46
Owens: 46
Scozzafava 7

Can anyone say re-count?

Scozzafava's Future

After controversy arose today regarding Dede Scozzafava's ability to be an effective leader in the New York State Republican Assembly Caucus, we have just now learned that Scozzafava will be announcing her resignation from the NYS Assembly on Wednesday morning.

Scozzafava, who is has been hampered by Republican critics of all stripes for weeks during her bid to replace Congressman John McHugh in the 23rd congressional district, is reportedly considering two different offers put on the table by the Obama Administration. Those offers we have been told are: 1) to assist Czar Kevin Jennings with the Safe and Drug Free Schools Initiative and 2) to liaison between foreign governments and the U.S. Departments of Labor and Commerce over pending international climate change negotiations.

Stay tuned for more details and updates as we learn more on this development. Unfortunately, right now we do not have additional information on when this offer will be made public, or whether Dede would accept either offer.

Dede Finally Poached by the Democrats

Sorry we have been away for so long and we are sure most of you have seen the news that Dede dropped out of the race yesterday. Our team has been scrambling for hours working on the Scozzafava endorsement for Owens. Despite what the folks at the Huffington Post would have you believe we have been legitimately working behind the scenes on this race long before Doug Hoffman ever showed up on anyone's radar screen.

We will be back with a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT either tonight or early tomorrow morning about the future of Dede Scozzafava and her plans regarding the NYS Assembly... we will have the breaking news in a few hours.