Monday, June 8, 2009


That means we are gaining traction in our efforts

The folks at the Swing State Project just CRUSHED the nail on its head with a sludge-hammer when they said, "both the National Journal and PolitickerNY have both tried to get Scozzafava to verify if she's considering a party switch, and both outlets received nothing but radio silence from her camp. If she wasn't considering such a move, why wouldn't she swat down the rumors immediately?"

As if the pressure wasn't building enough we have to refer to yet the third National Journal piece in less than a week (and linked above) that states, "Scozzafava's vote for the gay marriage bill has angered some conservatives who were already dubious of her record, including NY Conservative chair Mike Long, who told us the vote is a "non-starter" for his party's endorsement. That would be a blow to any GOPer, as the Conservative line brought John McHugh (R) over 9K votes in '08. (And as we saw in neighboring NY-20, every vote counts)."

And from some of the comments in our last post we just learned that all of DeDe's money from 2000-present has come from liberal PAC's, including thousands from pro-gay and pro-choice groups, and tons of unions (thanks to her husband Ron McDougall who is the president of the local Central Labor Council). DeDe has a limited fundraising base from individual contributors who raised her around $65,000 over the last 9 years.

After our poll results are finished we are considering undertaking a telemarketing campaign to really pressure DeDe to come to our side (where her natural fundraising base is, not to mention the folks who agree with her on politically) before Rep. McHugh's Senate confirmation hearings. Check back often.


Do You Want to Help Draft Dede And Make a Difference? Here is how.

Due to lots of e-mail asking, "how can I help Draft Dede As a Dem?" we thought we would offer a brief blog tutorial on ways you can be of assistance to our grassroots effort to draft Dede as a Democrat. We will keep this short and sweet so we can get to work on the specifics.

First and most importantly, you can e-mail your friends, family, and neighbors and tell them to get educated on the race for NY-23. A good place to start would be to e-mail
our blog site to your entire e-mail address book. It is important for people to visit our blog often, and to comment in the section below each blog posting so we can have a community discussion on ideas and thoughts out there in the North Country. Also feel free to e-mail us with your own ideas!

Second, you can vote in our open public poll that can be found on the left hand side of the screen. As you can see a huge majority of voters have indicated already that they would like to see Dede Scozzafava run as a Democrat. Be a patriot, get active, and vote in our online poll. There are only two days left in this poll, so if you have already voted be patient and we will have a new poll up on another matter shortly. (Quick note: to the Democratic National Committee staffers and various visitors from the NYS Assembly & Senate, please feel free to vote in our poll; thanks for dropping by and please know that our online poll is there for you too).

Third, if you are a blogger or on online networker you can post a blog on your own site with your thoughts on our draft effort. If you do, please consider linking to
our site. We invite all bloggers from the right and the left of the political spectrum to be active. We want to spread awareness of Dede in the online community and this is a great way to do it. If you are on twitter please also consider joining our Draft Dede as a Democrat Twitter page @draftdedeny. These are the best ways to be of help in this critical moment.

We are confident that our draft effort is becoming viral on the world wide web and you can help facilitate that process. Thank you all for visiting and we will likely do another post with more ideas on ways you can help our effort. We appreciate all of your support so we can change this district.