Friday, October 2, 2009

Scozzafava Takes Another Left Hand Turn


In another stunning rebuke of the National Republican Party, Dede Scozzafava again signaled her interest in governing with us on core economic issues. So for all of the Democrats who think Dede is off base with our party's platform on economic justice issues, and for those out there who think that voting for Scozzafava is a vote against Obama and for the House Republicans, take a look at Dede's real record, her words, and her actions in the Assembly.

It was reported in today's Adirondack Daily Enterprise that:
Scozzafava said she would have voted for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act... [even though] she doesn't think all of the stimulus money is being used for such worthwhile purposes... When asked about cutting spending and earmarks at the federal level, however, Scozzafava said earmarks are beneficial if used correctly... "People love to hate it, but they love to want it," Scozzafava said... 
Scozzafava said she won't sign the pledge [Americans for Tax Reform's Taxpayer Protection Pledge that most Republican Members of Congress sign] because the income tax is just one form of tax... Scozzafava also discussed charges that she voted to raise or extend taxes 190 times while in the Assembly.  The large majority of those votes, she said, were 'home rule' votes giving a county the authority to impose an additional sales tax.  These need to be extended every two years...
Dede has been attacked by both Hoffman and the Club for Growth on her economic record. That should tell every voter out there something important, mainly that Dede is really in line with the Democratic Party on economic and fiscal issues and will help push Obama's agenda through Congress. What is disappointing is that Bill Owens has also attacked Dede for her views on the economy, which are more in line with the Democratic Party than Owens' are. When election day comes around we here at Draft Dede are beginning to really believe that a vote for Owens could be a vote for Hoffman. Democrats need to rally to Dede to make sure we have an Obama ally in the House representing NY-23.