Friday, June 19, 2009


Local Media Covers Dede's Moves & Obama Gets His Hands Into the Mix

This week Joe LoTemplio from the Plattsburgh Press Republican wrote an puff piece on Douglas Hoffman (who doesn't even live in the district).  Toward the end of their profile they got down to the nitty gritty and wrote, "There is also a grassroots effort to draft popular Republican State Assemblywoman Dierdre "Dede" Scozzafava of St. Lawrence County to run as a Democrat." These guys are a dollar late and a buck short. The paper may be a little behind the curve, but they should have reported on us over a week ago before we started making calls to key Democratic fundraisers in the district? Weird.

By the way, where was Hoffman when NY-20 was going on? If he was so interested in running for Congress why didn't he step to the plate and run in his own district in which he resides? Can anyone say political opportunism? Geez, after all this guy describes himself as "the ideal candidate." Sorry Doug, but first we don't know anything about you and neither does anyone else (you are lucky you are even getting free coverage on this blog), but since you insisted we thought someone should fill you in to tell you that the ideal candidate in NY-20 was Kristen Gillibrand (who we are also endorsing as of today for election to the NYS Senate); in NY-23 the ideal candidate is really Dede Scozzafava (even if she does run as a Republican), not you. Sorry.

In other news Mike Memoli from wrote a story on Obama's constant campaign activity. We couldn't help but assume the story related to NY-23 somehow and here is why. Memoli writes, "Behind the scenes, the White House political operation... [is] in regular consultation with the Senate and House campaign committees, as well as the Democratic Governors Association. Those discussions run gamut from planning events and fundraisers, recruiting candidates for upcoming races, and general political strategy. That cooperation has already played out this year in off-year races. In the special election in New York's 20th District, the White House played a strong hand in the final stretch... the president has also not been reluctant to twist some elbows in attempting to recruit candidates."

Sounds like Obama might be making some calls to the North Country to win NY-23. Does anyone know if Dede is picking up her phone and making deals?