Monday, June 8, 2009


Do You Want to Help Draft Dede And Make a Difference? Here is how.

Due to lots of e-mail asking, "how can I help Draft Dede As a Dem?" we thought we would offer a brief blog tutorial on ways you can be of assistance to our grassroots effort to draft Dede as a Democrat. We will keep this short and sweet so we can get to work on the specifics.

First and most importantly, you can e-mail your friends, family, and neighbors and tell them to get educated on the race for NY-23. A good place to start would be to e-mail
our blog site to your entire e-mail address book. It is important for people to visit our blog often, and to comment in the section below each blog posting so we can have a community discussion on ideas and thoughts out there in the North Country. Also feel free to e-mail us with your own ideas!

Second, you can vote in our open public poll that can be found on the left hand side of the screen. As you can see a huge majority of voters have indicated already that they would like to see Dede Scozzafava run as a Democrat. Be a patriot, get active, and vote in our online poll. There are only two days left in this poll, so if you have already voted be patient and we will have a new poll up on another matter shortly. (Quick note: to the Democratic National Committee staffers and various visitors from the NYS Assembly & Senate, please feel free to vote in our poll; thanks for dropping by and please know that our online poll is there for you too).

Third, if you are a blogger or on online networker you can post a blog on your own site with your thoughts on our draft effort. If you do, please consider linking to
our site. We invite all bloggers from the right and the left of the political spectrum to be active. We want to spread awareness of Dede in the online community and this is a great way to do it. If you are on twitter please also consider joining our Draft Dede as a Democrat Twitter page @draftdedeny. These are the best ways to be of help in this critical moment.

We are confident that our draft effort is becoming viral on the world wide web and you can help facilitate that process. Thank you all for visiting and we will likely do another post with more ideas on ways you can help our effort. We appreciate all of your support so we can change this district.


Anonymous said...

well almost all of the local blogs have already picked the story up? why don't we just start calling the local Democratic leaders in the district instead?

Anonymous said...

it doesn't matter who wins the seat will be redrawn soon anyways.

Anonymous said...

Who will you support if Aubertine gets in the race and Dede runs as a Republican?

Anonymous said...

DeDe shouldn't run at all. Three main arguments I will toss out for discussion.

1) the article above deals with DeDe's brother Thomas Scozzafava who has some serious ethical challenges with his financial dealings

2) the district could very likely be redistricted (although that could be in question due to the new development in Albany today)

3) she has a good position in Albany in the Assembly and she would be giving up that senior position which currently benefits her constituents

Anonymous said...

There was recently an interesting story about the influence of defense money Mr. McHugh took over the years, and how that may have influenced his decisions on the Armed Services Committee.

Here is a related story for someone to report on. It shows some numbers that suggest maybe DeDe has to run as a Democrat if she wants to win the NY-23rd CD. She can't get the money to be credible unless she goes Dem.

A) She only raised $64,471.76 from individual donors over the last 9 years which comes out to about $7,100 a year. The 64 K came from 346 contributions, which amounts to 38 individual contributions a year. Her base of donors is only about 100 people.

For those interested that amounts to an average donation of only 186 dollars per contribution.

B) All of Scozzafava's money (which isn't a lot just over 250K or about 25K a year) over the last 10 years came from corporations (which can't contribute to federal races) and Pro-Choice/Union/Pro-Gay PACS.

That suggests to me that DeDe has no Republican base to support her bid for Congress. Corporations can't contribute and hell will freeze over before traditional Democratic PACs give her a leg up in a federal race.

Now go put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Anonymous said...

And the average congressional race of this type would cost at 800k to 1.5 mil.

No way DeDe could do it with a base of only 100 donors.

If she went on the Democrats ticket she could pull in some money from GOP friends and family and build a huge base of support with national Democratic $$$ simply based on the earned media she would generate from switching parties.