Wednesday, June 10, 2009


(enter drum roll)

Thank you to everyone who participated in our online poll!!! Isn't technology peachy? We had a lot of fun following this one.

Now for the results and analysis. When the question is asked of people, "Do you think that Republican Assemblywoman DeDe Scozzafava should run for Congress as a Democrat?" people said:

A) Yes, Run as a Democrat (65%)

B) Run as a Republican (13 %)

C) Don't Run at all (17%)

D) No preference (2%)

One interesting finding is that more people said "Don't Run at all" than said "Run as a Republican." Who knew? So with those numbers we think the rest of the analysis is left best to you, our visitors, and DeDe Scozzafava herself. Thanks again for your participation. Another poll will be up shortly. If you have any suggestions please e-mail us at, twitter us @draftdedeny, or leave a comment below.

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Anonymous said...

NO big news today? Bummer...