Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Poll closes in T-minus 1 hour. We won't be counting the votes until the ballot boxes are closed (unlike Florida 2000). 

Big news is coming... but to keep those of you thirsty for information here is a piece of information to digest.  According to one piece of fan mail (someone who posted on the political history of NY-23 a few days ago on the Swing State Project) "The last Democrat elected to represent St. Lawrence Co. in Congress was a man named Francis Spinner, elected in 1854. He ran successfully for re-election as a Republican in 1856 and was later appointed as Treasurer of the United States by Abraham Lincoln. It would be poetic, so to speak, if Dede, a St. Lawrence resident, were to now switch from the GOP to the Democratic Party and recapture this seat for us -- becoming the first Democrat to represent St. Lawrence in Congress in over 150 years -- from Democrat to GOP during the time of Lincoln; and from GOP back to Democrat during the time of Obama!"

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